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Press releases — 13 Jan 2023

A video interview with a patient advocate features the burden of long covid and how we can address it

Press releases — 23 Dec 2022

A video interview with a researcher in molecular biology discusses the factors that affect each individual’s response to Covid-19 and the tool that can be used by public health officers to predict it

Press releases — 30 Nov 2022

A video interview with a researcher expert in respiratory viruses features the state-of-the-art of antiviral research and the work to improve their efficacy

Press releases — 10 Nov 2022

A video interview with a researcher based in Africa discusses the difficulties faced during the pandemic and the possible solutions to overcome them.

Press releases — 27 Sep 2022

A video-interview with the Chief Executive Officer of a company from the CORONADX project discusses about bringing new diagnostic tests to the market

Press releases — 08 Sep 2022

The speed of antigen tests and the sensitivity of PCR-tests can be combined to fight COVID-19 and to rapidly detect other viruses

Press releases — 01 Jul 2022

A video-interview with a resident epidemiologist from the CORONADX project discusses about societal resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Press releases — 22 Apr 2022

A video-interview with a post-doc from the CORONADX project features the experience of working as a scientist at the frontline of COVID-19 research

Press releases — 05 Apr 2022

The EU project CORONADX has published a leaflet with a collection of common misconceptions on COVID-19 diagnostic tests to help citizens navigate between truth and falsehoods.

Press releases — 16 Mar 2022

A video-interview with a communication expert discusses the crucial role of media in the COVID-19 crisis.

Press releases — 24 Feb 2022

A video-interview with a senior researcher from the CORONADX project explains what PATHPOD is and discusses the advantages, use and perspectives of this device.

Press releases — 27 Jan 2022

A video-interview with a renowned expert from the CORONADX project answers common questions about virus variants and evolution

Press releases — 29 Oct 2021

The 14th and 15th of October the project partners met in Copenhagen to discuss the status of the project. A face-to-face meeting was possible thanks to PATHPOD, a diagnostic tool developed by the project.

Press releases — 08 Sep 2021

Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark, participating to the CORONADX project, have written a commentary on early, onsite and rapid detection of the SARS-CoV-2

Press releases — 16 Jun 2021

Epidemiologists from the European project CORONADX have evaluated the primary 21st century epidemics. Up to 75% of these outbreaks originated from animals after a cross-species leap

Press releases — 15 Sep 2020

The PATHAG antigenic test will take few seconds and will cost less than one euro per sample. Researchers expect it to be available by the end of 2020

Press releases — 09 Jun 2020

The 9th and 10th of June is going to take place the virtual kick-off meeting launching the EU funded project

Press releases — 06 Apr 2020

The organization based in Lodi among the partners of the CORONADX project whose aim is the development of three portable and easy to use systems for coronavirus diagnosis

Press releases — 25 Mar 2020

Developing three new and rapid instruments for on-site diagnosis of coronavirus