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Video interviews — 27 Sep 2022

A video-interview with the Chief Executive Officer of a company from the CORONADX project discusses about bringing new diagnostic tests to the market

Video — 08 Sep 2022

The CORONADX latest Video News release features the PATHPOD technology

Video interviews — 01 Jul 2022

A video-interview with a resident epidemiologist from the CORONADX project discusses about societal resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Article — 11 May 2022

Dealing with lower covid-19 levels will require improved understanding of what diagnostic tests are best used for. It will also need more accurate tests, but as testing demand will fall, delivering that needs incentive-based support.

Video interviews — 22 Apr 2022

A video-interview with a post-doc from the CORONADX project features the experience of working as a scientist at the frontline of COVID-19 research

Video — 11 Apr 2022

The science cartoon dedicated to children and young primary school students returns with a new chapter on vaccines

Video interviews — 16 Mar 2022

A video-interview with a communication expert discusses the crucial role of media in the COVID-19 crisis

Article — 11 Mar 2022

Viruses continuously and naturally evolve. To track coronavirus variants, we need to think like Darwin.

Video interviews — 23 Feb 2022

A video-interview with a senior researcher from the CORONADX project explains what PATHPOD is and discusses the advantages, use and perspectives of this device.