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Video — 27 Sep 2023

Joint collaboration between CORONADX, EpiPose, and PANDEM-2 offers innovative strategies for pandemic preparedness

Video interviews — 10 Nov 2022

A video interview with a researcher based in Africa discusses the difficulties faced during the pandemic and the possible solutions to overcome them.

Video interviews — 27 Sep 2022

A video-interview with the Chief Executive Officer of a company from the CORONADX project discusses about bringing new diagnostic tests to the market

Video — 08 Sep 2022

The CORONADX latest Video News release features the PATHPOD technology

Article — 11 May 2022

Dealing with lower covid-19 levels will require improved understanding of what diagnostic tests are best used for. It will also need more accurate tests, but as testing demand will fall, delivering that needs incentive-based support.

Article — 11 Mar 2022

Viruses continuously and naturally evolve. To track coronavirus variants, we need to think like Darwin.

Video interviews — 23 Feb 2022

A video-interview with a senior researcher from the CORONADX project explains what PATHPOD is and discusses the advantages, use and perspectives of this device.

Facts & Myths — 10 Nov 2021

Although RT-PCR tests are the gold standard for the diagnosis of the COVID-19 coronavirus, rapid antigenic tests may represent a valid alternative, in specific circumstances.

Video — 29 Oct 2021

CORONADX presents PATHLOCK, one of the rapid text for the detection of COVID-19 developed by the project

Article — 08 Mar 2021

Even with the advent of vaccines, strategies for rapid and affordable testing for COVID-19 are still paramount. The lack of evidence that the current vaccines can completely stop people from being infected and the emergence of virus variants make widespread testing crucial. But what do we mean as a “rapid” test and how do they compare to “standard” ones?

Video — 05 Mar 2021

CORONADX presents PATHPOD, one of the rapid text for the detection of COVID-19 developed by the project

Video — 07 Dec 2020

Live the first video presenting CORONADX, the EU funded project developing rapid and portable tests for COVID-19, and PATHAG, the quickest and easiest-to-use kit developed within the project.

Facts & Myths — 10 Sep 2020

The word "rapid" defines any method which is significantly faster than the ones we use today to detect SARS-Cov2. Rapid tests take less than an hour or even a few minutes. They are often performed at Point of Care (POC), meaning that the samples are not taken to a laboratory but instead are processed on-site. This is faster and cheaper.